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The latest stable release is KNEM 1.1.3.

See also the latest ChangeLog.

All KNEM development resources are summarized on the Gforge project homepage.


Release Date MD5 SHA1
Latest stable release:
KNEM 1.1.3 November 6th 2017 fe419b0ed23d1cbfcd6bd9e1d10ec092 02222e92f1e8746f85a23e844447f9e7ddb2f50e
Older releases:
KNEM 1.1.2 February 18th 2015 316690e808e64b96ae59a9fd0af2ded0 8e6ae681d27fac1794a9440dc06a81c37e55cf34
KNEM 1.1.1 February 24th 2014 50434b2a5ac02a93812ff7a190af3702 083e075167e863d3233313eb971425a8e838c375
KNEM 1.1.0 July 25th 2013 4542ea599539612c7641fb31b647c372 2db5b74409b39da717e3a22161f4a0f253a59ece
KNEM 1.0.0 October 8th 2012 ac61ddb6ff7fa261c76b3f9172057cad 3598fcf279b0b788866213f0d4da0541a4775b53
KNEM 0.9.8 February 21st 2012 9f4ed565a333be68959ae19c41737b38 148dbd24452f9509c69f3307e794bad218dad2ad
KNEM 0.9.7 July 29th 2011 7576a0b991075becc4e43b3fe16227b6 f43608720b8f59083794c4d368760bdb39a8438c
KNEM 0.9.6 April 2nd 2011 9ae1a4066cb02cda0adbfede28072019 df1fade9120d35c0b5997da20ec84aff49bc0947
KNEM 0.9.5 February 1st 2011 794fb4e653948d9008c492d9eef0bd03 a627296c0f229b6cc7872ba8c841de9c3b699dc2
KNEM 0.9.4 December 16th 2010 ed4aab1b04b1718b3c1ac8daa06a4399 4aada570cacd29f7af6fa28993d41fff75197b5c
KNEM 0.9.3 October 20th 2010 a26b52713da37aba7492e63126643e4d 96de6bd287cf66b7ff9ae07ece7ec586c44e5294
KNEM 0.9.2 August 30th 2010 e1e7a3254096aca26559958964d7f005 08789526663de95c4d74741679991b30b9085971
KNEM 0.9.1 July 6th 2010 6bf08346536d6e975555925341ab2062 af3a602f5c460b30e47ec5e1bd057c1d252d278b
KNEM 0.9.0 June 14th 2010 2b10c1daee8a260023b41d81c19f3f52 21ad57eacf0eea7411942ec25d32f6315ed59ad5
KNEM 0.8.901 May 15th 2010 64fce0f69689c5da19100fa70d2fff3e 09b0d7b576e192dc94a44b17f169b0a048d09a40
KNEM 0.8.1 March 22nd 2010 f9849456e624b333f7100602a731de3a cdee177f74a0fe010966e9719f6a880bc59e12b8
KNEM 0.8.0 March 3rd 2010 8543e2aba5272d8caff1c828bae48ffc 069f9c4d4602ec9eb40b651710c63a7356bf8edf
KNEM 0.7.901 February 1st 2010 2c22fe6519e07f0a3d08ff93f6d13342 d81108818ddb52be893deb93c99066fc92becd52
KNEM 0.7.0 December 15th 2009 28515cf06c83db4a77f7e03b26dca49e 66d6b73696e4419524f3873a6eb70db424171ca2
KNEM 0.6.901 December 1st 2009 e872c808a1bcdc8934154eedb522da0a 99d40f4d082818c31dc07d85fd79218f082042ee
KNEM 0.6.0 June 25th 2009 45d4093c6db61e557d0b30c61b5fe2d4 933eaf9eef6fe25d85d692fc35af0254b7ebfaae
KNEM 0.5.0 March 9th 2009 ff09e53f08a9b57bc5a301e42830247f 81b875e0d82652a8a2fe93faf66a9bdfa05ae516
KNEM 0.4.0 February 15th 2009 a92789196344407a4d4181867bafb301 00eddc3451786a44d9a0fad9b592864d3fcfa579
KNEM 0.3.0 December 22nd 2008 4f54cf424a1e2bb18eeda1445ff455af 5f7bc8ebdd6082dae28bb287c23fa0b9e8d2b624
KNEM 0.2.0 December 9th 2008 c3886a180d8452f99a3e90e6e133151f cc5d5203f6a9521cdb4f57a14615834ad39ab7d4
KNEM 0.1.0 November 16th 2008 5a92e78ab6ab6a82cc303e244429afac 1292cdaa0cf76f43594fc380d0720bf4155484c0
KNEM 0.0.3 November 13rd 2008 85c628c41decaf03ada9c19c6aa6c635 6671a3a957032180145197ee20260936426b005a
KNEM 0.0.2 November 11st 2008 fb83481185e5d869286f284debb13de3 ef7b0db17fb53e7619b17a10a7a3aa603fed3290
KNEM 0.0.1 October 29th 2008 5684683a1121db651c17945a9eb31909 17fb2e2dcf726e0f8c6fffbc197ab4abd7f1bcf7

Source Code

The source code is available for download under the BSD license (user-space tools) and under the GPL license (Linux kernel driver). As usual, the README at the source tree root describes how-to use it.

To get the very latest development source code, clone the GIT repository, stay on its master branch and prepare it for building using the following lines.

    git clone knem
    cd knem

The GIT repository may also be browsed online. See the SCM page for details.

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